Operating four sites and managing five others across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, Yancoal employs approximately 2,000 people, sourcing the majority of our people from the local communities in which we operate.

Yancoal’s New South Wales region includes the mines of Moolarben and Stratford Duralie, with the Queensland region comprising Yarrabee and the Middlemount Joint Venture.

Yancoal manages the Ashton, Austar and Donaldson mines in New South Wales on behalf of Watagan Mining Company Pty Ltd (Watagan) and the Cameby Downs and Premier coal mines in Queensland and Western Australia respectively, on behalf of its majority shareholder Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (Yanzhou).

  • On 17 February 2016, Yancoal announced a new debt-funding arrangement to secure up to US$950 million via the issuing of nine-year secured debt bonds by a newly established Yancoal subsidiary, Watagan Mining Company Pty Ltd (Watagan).
  • Effective from 31 March 2016, Yancoal’s control of the New South Wales mining assets of Ashton, Austar and Donaldson transferred to Watagan.
  • On 2 March 2016, Yancoal announced the Donaldson operation will move to ‘care and maintenance’ following a reduction in mining activities and commencement of new feasibility studies.



81% owned, open cut, thermal coal

9.0Mt ROM (7.22Mt equity share), 6.9Mt Saleable (5.5Mt equity share) - December 2015

330.4Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014

Stratford / Duralie

100% owned, open cut, high fluidity semi-hard coking and thermal coals

1.85Mt ROM, 1.43Mt Saleable -  December 2015

52.2Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014


~50% owned, open cut, hard coking coal and low volatile PCI coal

5.53Mt ROM (2.8Mt equity share), 4.0Mt Saleable (2.0Mt equity share) - December 2015

84Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014


100% owned, open cut, ultra low volatile semi-anthracite PCI thermal coals

3.36Mt ROM, 2.81Mt Saleable - December 2015

47.6Mt Total recoverable reserves Dec 2014



100% owned, underground, semi- soft coking coal

3.0Mt ROM, 1.38Mt Saleable - December 2015

55.3Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014


100% owned, underground, semihard coking low ash high fluidity coal

.82Mt ROM, 0.72Mt Saleable - December 2015

43.6Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014


100% owned, underground, semisoft coking coal and thermal coal

1.8Mt ROM, 1.33Mt Saleable - December 2015

 128.7Mt Total recoverable reserves - December 2014

*On and from financial close, effective from 31 March 2016, Yancoal ceased to control the Austar, Ashton and Donaldson assets, but remains the exclusive provider of mine management, marketing, infrastructure and other corporate support services under 10-year contracts.