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Stratford Duralie

New South Wales’ Gloucester Basin is home to the Stratford Duralie operation, producing high fluidity semi-hard coking and thermal coals.

Stratford / Duralie produced total ROM coal of 1.85 million tonnes and 1.43 million tonnes of saleable coal for 2015, with the operation transitioning from contractor-operated to owner-operated during the second half of the year.

Commencing production in June 1995, the operation moved to a single open cut pit in 2014, following the cessation of production at the Stratford open cut Bowen Road North Pit in July 2014, as the mine reached the end of its current economically recoverable resources.

The Stratford mine subsequently moved to 'care and maintenance' during 2014, with site activity reduced to fines extraction and continued rehabilitation of the mined area. Duralie coal continues to be processed at the Stratford Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP).

The New South Wales Planning Assessment Commission approved the Duralie modification in December 2014, providing increased flexibility for mine planning and sequencing, and enabling the extraction of the mine’s fully approved reserve.

The Stratford open cut operations extract coal from upper and middle seams within the Gloucester Basin. Stratford Duralie coal is railed to the Port of Newcastle for export.

The Stratford operation is located 95km north of Newcastle in the Gloucester Basin.

Stratford extension

As announced 1 June 2015, the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission approved the Stratford extension application.

The proposed Stratford extension project has the potential to extract up to 21.5 million tonnes of ROM coal over 11 years at a rate of up to 2.6 million tonnes per annum.

The Stratford exploration program covers an area of approximately 690 hectares within the Gloucester Local Government Area.

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