Yancoal is committed to operating to the highest environmental and legislative standards, with a proven track record of operating in an environmentally sensitive manner across its operations.

The Company continually seeks to improve production processes, waste management and use of resources to minimise impacts.

Environmental management is a central component of each operation’s overall management structure and is considered during every stage of the mining and planning process to ensure potential environmental impacts are minimised.

Each mine develops and implements an extensive rehabilitation program to return the site to natural woodland or grazing pastures, following the completion of mining. Yancoal’s rehabilitation programs aim to establish stable, compatible landforms on used mining areas, revegetated with local, native species. This allows the original plant and animal communities to become re-established.

Yancoal is committed to minimising its environmental impact through continued improvements in production processes and more efficient use of resources.

In participating in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program, Yancoal is seeking to identify improvements in electricity and fuel productivity across all our major sites which, in turn, will lead to reductions both in costs and in greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to engaging with members of the local and regional communities in which we operate regarding the environmental performance of each operation and encourage feedback via our individual site Community Response Lines.