Eliminating sexual harassment for a safer Australian mining sector

Yancoal is committed to eliminating sexual harassment from our workplace.  

Safety is a core value of Yancoal, and a safe and fair workplace is essential. Yancoal strongly values diversity and inclusion and seeks to create a culture that respects all people, eliminates sexual harassment, and stands up, supports and cares for all those affected by unacceptable behaviour. 

Our workers are our greatest asset and must be valued, respected and protected.

The Minerals Council Australia (MCA) has released the MCA’s National Industry Code which sets clear expectations on MCA member companies to develop a culture of respect while improving support for workers.

The Industry Code reinforces the industry’s Commitment to Eliminating Sexual Harassment by outlining clear preventative and response measures based on honest, respectful and open communication.

What is sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favours or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that is done either to offend, humiliate or intimidate another person, or where it is reasonable to expect the person might feel that way.

Sexual harassment causes profound physical, emotional and psychological impacts on those affected.  It is unacceptable, against the law and must be eliminated from our industry’s culture and workplaces. 

Yancoal’s commitment

Yancoal is committed to developing a culture of respect that empowers individuals to raise concerns in a supportive and protected way.

To achieve this Yancoal has in place prevention measures which focus on culture and governance, awareness and education, leadership and working environments.

Our response measures focus on creating an environment where raising concerns and reporting incidents is welcomed and encouraged, providing appropriate support and protection to affected persons, understanding how an incident occurred and why prevention measures in place were not effective and how they may be strengthened.

Report a concern

In person: Speak to your line leader, site leadership or Human Resources representative

Phone: 1800 721 989

Email: yancoal@deloittedigital.com

Online: www.yancoal.deloittedigital.com

Mail: Yancoal Reply Paid 12628 A'Beckett Street, Victoria 8006