Yancoal recognises that people are our most important asset: the health and safety of our people is our utmost priority and we are committed to achieving our goal of zero injuries. We are committed to regular engagement with our people and their representatives, and maintaining and promoting workplace diversity and inclusion.



Yancoal commenced the roll-out of the Core Hazard Critical Control program in 2017, with the objective of increasing control over rare, but potentially significant, events by identifying Core Hazards within the workplace and associated Critical Controls to prevent significant consequences. The implementation of the Core Hazard Critical Control program continues, with the focus on mandating and implementing verification activities around Critical Controls to ensure they are implemented and operating as designed across sites.

At Yancoal, the health and safety of our people is our highest priority and we remain committed to minimising harm. We will never compromise on safety.

We never compromise on safety and are committed to operating our mines to the highest safety standards in accordance with legislative requirements. This approach is formalised in Yancoal’s Health and Safety Policy. Working with Yancoal’s executive and senior management teams, the HSEC Committee is chaired and led by members of the Yancoal Board, providing external oversight of the Company’s operating and reporting standards. 

Each mine implements proactive strategies to update and monitor its safety standards, behaviours and reporting to ensure operations are aligned and focused on achieving Yancoal’s aspiration of zero harm. Taking responsibility for the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors, Yancoal continues to implement robust safety and risk awareness and management practices across all areas of its operations. Our continued focus on safety was reflected in the 14% reduction in the total number of recordable work-related injuries achieved during 2019, as well as reductions in the total number of high consequence and lost time injuries compared to 2018. Our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) were 9.8 and 5.1 at the end of 2019, respectively.


Yancoal reached an important safety milestone in 2019 with the implementation of all 15 Core Hazards and 75 Critical Controls across all operations as part of our Core Hazards and Critical Controls program. These hazards and controls will continue to be monitored and reviewed to ensure they are operating as intended for the safety of our people and to prevent fatal incidents and catastrophic events. 


Consistent with the priority we place on safety, we have established a learning management system, with online and classroom-based courses, as well as a standardised and enhanced role-based training and analysis system across our business.  We have also implemented a supervisor mobile application to review team competencies in real time. 


Yancoal considers the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our employees and contractors to be essential for business function.  In 2019, a review of Yancoal’s business wellbeing programs led to a Better Mental Health pilot project, which aims to achieve the goal of establishing a formalised company-wide mental health program.  The pilot program included face-to-face workshops for staff and leaders as well as a supplementary digital learning program for leaders. 


Diversity assists in Yancoal’s ability to attract, retain and develop the best talent, create an engaging workplace, deliver the highest quality services to our customers, and to continue growing our business. During 2019, to gain greater awareness and influence of women to the Yancoal brand, we sponsored the Women in Mining Mentor Program and ran sourcing role advertising campaigns to reach a diverse population. Yancoal is committed to 

•    Equal employment opportunities;
•    Fair employment practices and antidiscrimination laws;
•    A workplace free from any kind of discrimination, harassment or intimidation of employees.