With sufficient allocation to meet existing and brownfield needs, Yancoal exports 100% of its product through four eastern Australian ports into the Asian market.


  • Newcastle Infrastructure Group (“NCIG”) Coal Terminal (Yancoal 27 percent)

Yancoal continues to be one of five company shareholders involved in the
$2.5 billion NCIG export coal terminal in Newcastle, New South Wales. Yancoal has a 27 percent
ownership with an allocation of approximately 14.6Mt
per annum (100 percent basis).

The Moolarben Coal mine is the largest of Yancoal’s Hunter based mines to use
the terminal.

  • Port Waratah Coal Services (“PWCS”)

Yancoal has take-or-pay contracts with PWCS for the export of coal through the terminals at
Newcastle, with a port allocation of approximately 11.9Mt (100 percent basis).

  • Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (“WICET”) (Yancoal 7.5 percent)

Yancoal is one of five owners of WICET, which has a capacity of 27.0Mt per annum. Yancoal’s
contracted capacity  is 1.5Mt per annum, allocated to the Yarrabee Mine.


Yancoal is supported by the following rail networks to transport product from mine to port:

•  The NSW Hunter Valley Coal Chain supports the Moolarben, Austar, Ashton, Stratford Duralie, and
Donaldson operations, with coal transported to the Port of Newcastle;

•  The QLD Blackwater System supports the Yarrabee operation, transporting coal to the Port of Gladstone;

•  The QLD Goonyella System supports the Middlemount operation, with coal transported to the Port
of Hay Point and Abbot Point Coal Terminal.

Take or Pay

The Yancoal logistics team has a target  of reducing take-or-pay exposure across the group by trading between sites and with other users. Longer term, Yancoal’s planned Moolarben Stage Two expansion will significantly rebalance the mine and logistics equation.

For 2016, Yancoal had take-or-pay rail and port commitments in excess of planned sales with a $74
million potential order of magnitude take-or-pay exposure.