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Austar is one of the oldest mines within New South Wales, having been in operation for nearly 100 years.

Located south west of Cessnock in the Newcastle Coalfields, Austar produces a premium semi-hard coking coal characterised as the highest fluidity and lowest ash coking coal in Australia, with low phosphorous and low alkalis. The coal is shipped through the Port of Newcastle.

Austar development coal production rates throughout 2016 were buoyed by significant improvements in
longwall production during the second half, to achieve total ROM coal production of 1.2Mt (2015 0.8Mt) and saleable coal production of 1.1Mt (2015 0.7Mt).

Yancoal chose Austar to introduce a new technology called Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) technology in September 2006. LTCC technology is ideal in thick coal seams and enables much greater resource recovery in seams such as Austar’s Greta Seam.

By using the LTCC mining method, a further 80% of the additional coal in the seam can be accessed and recovered, significantly improving the total recovery of the in-ground coal resource and overall mine economics.

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*On 17 February 2016, Yancoal Australia (Yancoal) announced a new debt funding arrangement to secure up to US$950 million via the issuing of nine-year secured debt bonds by a newly established Yancoal subsidiary, Watagan Mining Company Pty Ltd, to a consortium of financiers comprising Industrial Bank Co. Ltd, BOCI Financial Products Limited and United NSW Energy Limited.

On and from financial close, effective from 31 March 2016, Yancoal ceased to control the Austar, Ashton and Donaldson assets, but remains the exclusive provider of mine management, marketing, infrastructure and other corporate support services under 10-year contracts.