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Cameby Downs

Yancoal manages the Cameby Downs operation on behalf of its majority shareholder Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (Yanzhou).

Cameby Downs Mine is an open cut operation located in southeast Queensland, approximately 360km northwest of Brisbane. The operation lies on the Warrego Highway approximately 16km northeast of Miles and 30km northwest of Chinchilla in the Surat Basin and is connected by rail to the port of Brisbane.

Cameby Downs produces a low ash export thermal coal and has port allocation through the Queensland Bulk Handling facility in Brisbane.

Following the purchase of Syntech Resources by Yancoal Australia in August 2011, the Cameby Downs Mine and several surrounding and regional tenements are 100% owned by Yancoal Australia’s major shareholder, Yanzhou Coal Mining Company.

The preparation plant and associated infrastructure was completed during the second half of 2010. The extensive tenement portfolio held by the company in the region has the potential to contain at least a further 1.0 billion tonnes of coal.

Deposits are located within Middle Jurassic age coal measures that have been subdivided into three formations:

  1. Taroom Coal Measures (lower coal bearing unit);
  2. Tangalooma Sandstone (middle coal bearing unit); and
  3. Juandah Coal Measures (upper coal bearing unit).

The coal deposits are located in the Juandah Coal Measures, which contain a coal seam horizon at the top of the unit ranging in thickness up to 20 metres made up of individual coal seams.


Continued Operations Project S226 Consideration Report

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