Yancoal is committed to operating openly and transparently within our local communities.

Yancoal is committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate, providing employment and training opportunities and relying on local contractors and service providers to assist each operation.

As part of our role within the community, each Yancoal operation also invests financially into local community health, education and sporting programs and initiatives, helping make a positive contribution to the surrounding regions.

Through its robust Community Support Initiative, Yancoal invested more than $445,727 into community-based initiatives during 2016.

The Company also takes its responsibility for engaging transparently and cooperatively with its local stakeholders very seriously, relying upon community consultative committees, community reference groups, newsletters, local media, community days and site-specific websites to keep the community informed.

We take our role in the in the community seriously and continue to engage with all stakeholders throughout the operation of our mines and development of all new projects.