Mount Thorley Warkworth

Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW) is an integrated operation of two open cut mines located adjacent to each other, 15 kilometres south-west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

The operation supplied international and domestic markets with 11.7 million tonnes of semi-soft coking coal and thermal coal in 2015.

Mount Thorley has been in operation since 1981, and after a business restructuring of mining company R.W. Miller, Coal & Allied became managers of the mine in 1989. Warkworth Mining began operations in the same year as Mount Thorley (1981).

Yancoal Australia acquired Mount Thorley Warkworth on 1 September 2017.

Yancoal manages Mount Thorley Warkworth on behalf of the joint venture partners:

  • Mount Thorley: Yancoal Australia Ltd (80 per cent) and POSCO Australia Pty Ltd (20 per cent).
  • Warkworth: CNA Warkworth Australasia Pty Limited (26.82 per cent), CNA Resources Limited (28.75 per cent), Mitsubishi Development Pty. Limited (28.9 per cent), Nippon Steel Australia Pty Limited (9.53 per cent) and Mitsubishi Materials (Australia) Pty Limited (6 per cent).

For all reporting, environmental management, planning and approvals documents related to Mount Thorley Warkworth, please visit the Insite page here

Complaints hotline:                    1800 656 892 (freecall)

Blasting schedule hotline:         1800 099 669 (freecall)

Community information line:     1800 727 745 (freecall)

Mining and production

Mount Thorley Warkworth is an open cut mine, using a dragline truck and shovel method. 927 employees (as at 31 December 2014) work in shifts to keep the mine operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Operations are centred in the Wittingham Coal Measures of the Hunter Coalfield, which is part of a Permian coal basin known as the Sydney basin.

In 2015 Mount Thorley produced more than 2.8 million tonnes1 of thermal coal and 1.3 million tonnes2 of semi-soft coking coal. Warkworth produced more than 6.6 million tonnes3 of thermal coal and more than 850,000 tonnes4 of semi-soft coking coal.

After being washed and prepared for sale, the coal is loaded onto trains for transportation 90 kilometres to the Port Waratah Coal Terminal in Newcastle where it is shipped to international customers.

Mount Thorley had JORC run-of-mine coal reserves totaling 20 million tonnes as at 31 December 2015. Warkworth had coal reserves totaling 331 million tonnes as at 31 December 2015.

1 Total production (Rio Tinto's share: 1.792 million tonnes)

2 Total production (Rio Tinto's share: 832,000 tonnes)

3 Total production (Rio Tinto's share: 2.937 million tonnes)

4 Total production (Rio Tinto's share: 378,250 tonnes).


Mount Thorley Warkworth seeks to be more than just a major source of local employment and economic growth, rather to work in partnership with the local community.

Community Consultative Committee

The Mount Thorley Warkworth Community Consultative Committee meets regularly to provide a forum for open discussion between the community, Council and Yancoal representatives. The committee discusses issues directly relating to the mining operation and environmental performance, keeping the community informed on these matters and potential impacts.

Community partnerships

The Coal & Allied Community Development Fund (previously called the Coal & Allied Community Trust) was established in 1999 to support communities in the Hunter Valley to build community capacity, address development challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Since its inception in 1999, the Coal and Allied Community Development Fund has contributed more than A$14 million to projects aimed at providing benefits for the local community. The Coal & Allied Community Development Fund is continuing its long running contributions to building capacity in the Hunter Valley, with the announcement in late 2014 of a A$3 million commitment for disbursement between January 2015 and December 2017.

More information including the past 12 months of Community Consultative Committee meeting minutes, can be found on the Mount Thorley Warkworth Documents page (click here).