Operating to stringent environmental management conditions, including the on and off-site management and monitoring of potential dust and noise impacts, Yancoal continues to work with State and Federal Government departments to ensure full transparency in its environmental reporting.

Each Yancoal operation also implements robust rehabilitation plans, working to minimise potential impacts on the local environment and ultimately return completed mining areas to quality pastoral and woodland for future use.

Leading edge sustainability practices ensure Yancoal is instituting and updating its water management, land use, dust management practices, and noise management and lighting controls throughout every stage of the mining process, from prior to commencement, until well after eventual close.

Total seeding and planting across all operations in 2017 is 285 ha. Total new disturbance across all operations in 2017 is 442 ha.

As of 31 December 2017, Yancoal has seeded and planted 50% of disturbed areas across all operations.

In participating in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program, Yancoal is seeking to identify improvements in electricity and fuel productivity across all our major sites which, in turn, will lead to reductions both in costs and in greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to engaging with members of the local and regional communities in which we operate regarding the environmental performance of each operation and encourage feedback via our individual site Community Response Lines.