Yancoal owns, operates or participates in nine producing coal mines across Australia – five mines in New South Wales, three in Queensland and one in Western Australia.

These operations employ over 6,000 full-time workers and contractors, mainly from the regional communities where we operate.  We are proud of our people and everything we achieve together as Yancoal.

In addition to safely, efficiently and responsibly mining high-quality product, Yancoal is also committed to making a genuine positive difference, both locally and nationally.  Australian mining allows regional towns to thrive; underpins government budgets; and provides people, communities and societies with a future.

Yancoal’s story goes beyond our production of coal.  It is about the positive impact we have on people’s lives and livelihoods: trainees getting a foot in the door; the people who serve us our morning coffee on the way to work; the local businesses we support; the environment we regenerate; the communities we nurture; the workplace culture we create; the mateship we foster; and the Australian families that rely on us for a future.

We look to the future with clear purpose.  We want to continue to be a reliable source of coal that powers and builds societies around the world.  We want to sustain and potentially diversify our business into other commodities and alternative energy opportunities.  We value the contributions of our employees, contractors and their families, and embrace close relationships with local communities.