As the largest pure-play coal company in Australia, Yancoal recognises the significance of its position in the industry and the need to act responsibly when addressing environmental, social, health, safety and governance issues and implementing appropriate strategies.  In July 2019, we released our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report to transparently report how we have performed across environmental, social and governance issues.


We cannot achieve our production and growth targets without adopting safe operating practices in everything we do and we never compromise on safety.  In 2018, Yancoal increased its production, but importantly did so while making significant improvement in its safety performance. Such a result highlights the success of our Critical Controls safety training and education program, as well as the importance of instituting safety as a core value of the Yancoal Way.

By understanding our individual responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those working alongside us, we can continue to work towards minimising harm at our operations. There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety and we continue to look for new ways of working to always protect our people.

Yancoal is ever mindful of its environmental responsibilities and is committed to operating in accordance with all its license conditions that cover the operations; along with the safety protocols, these embody the core values embraced at each of the mines. At each operation, there is a proactive approach to identifying potential environmental and social impacts and implementing controls and other mitigation measures.

Yancoal acknowledges it has a role in mitigating the emissions generated by its operations to improve the overall carbon efficiency.  In addition, Yancoal continues to invest in low-emission power generation in support of our customers in an evolving carbon market.

Most of Yancoal’s workforce resides in the local communities in which we operate. The Community Support Programs are specifically designed to invest in initiatives capable of making a lasting difference to the lives of others in our communities.  At the Corporate level, Yancoal has a select number of partnerships that provide services and research that positively benefit the wider community.

We consider these endeavours as being complementary to our business. Our operations perform at their best when the safety, environment and community initiatives are being fully supported by all employees.