Yancoal’s Health, Safety, Environment Committee sets the direction for the Company’s continuing commitment to the highest safety, environmental management and community engagement standards.

Working with Yancoal’s executive and senior management teams, the Committee helps ensure Yancoal has the leadership, capabilities, systems and reporting procedures required to achieve zero harm.

No significant events were recorded at Yancoal’s operations for 2016, with the business continuing to improve its Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rates (TRIFR) and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIFR) over the past five years.

Yancoal’s operations share the conviction to never compromise on safety, making the health and safety of its people a priority at all times.

As the Company continues to grow its operations, Yancoal proactively reviews and improves its safety practices, responses and training procedures, collaborating with internal and external specialists to educate, communicate and
engage with its employees.

Sourcing the majority of its workforce, contractors and service providers from the local areas in which it operates, Yancoal understands the important role each mine plays in supporting regional Australia and the future of the resources sector.

As a key recruiter within Central Queensland and the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Yancoal provides employment, training, apprenticeship and educational opportunities to support the advancement of individual careers during a time of significant change in energy demand, technology and legislation.

In 2016, Yancoal’s Community Support Initiative invested more  than $445,727 into community-based initiatives, financially supporting targeted health, environmental, educational and sporting initiatives in the local and regional areas supporting our mines.

Yancoal believes it has a responsibility  to play a proactive and beneficial role via financial and in-kind contributions to community-based initiatives that may otherwise not have the funding and opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Each Yancoal operation also implements robust rehabilitation plans, working to minimise potential impacts on the
local environment and ultimately return completed mining areas to quality pastoral and woodland for future use.

Leading edge sustainability practices ensure Yancoal is instituting and updating its water management,  land use and monitoring plans throughout every stage of the mining process, from prior to commencement, until well after eventual close.

Yancoal takes its responsibility for engaging transparently seriously, relying upon community consultative committees, reference groups, newsletters, local media, community days and site-specific websites
to keep all stakeholders informed.