Yancoal’s financial and operational success is underpinned by effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, as outlined in our Environment and Community Relations Policy. Aligned to our objectives of operating our Company profitably and providing stable and rewarding employment for our workers, our ESG objectives include:

  • Operating in a responsible, safe and ethical manner;
  • Contributing to positive community and economic outcomes; and
  • Identifying and managing ESG risks and opportunities critical to our ongoing business resilience.

In 2020, we reviewed and refreshed our material ESG issues, which included the identification of a set of strategic ESG topics that are growing in significance to our stakeholders and that offer potential value creation opportunities across the business. These include:

  • Business resilience in the transition to a lower carbon economy;
  • Mental health and wellbeing; and
  • Indigenous cultural heritage.

For detailed information on how Yancoal performed in 2020 across a broad range of ESG activities, refer to our 2020 ESG Report.

Yancoal also publishes separate reports on various other important ESG issues and activities and these include: