Board & Committees

The responsibilities of the Yancoal Australia Board and those responsibilities delegated by the Yancoal Australia Board to Board Committees and management are set out in the Board Charter.

The Yancoal Australia Board may from time to time establish appropriate committees to assist in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Yancoal Australia Board has established the following standing Board Committees:

These Board Committees review matters on behalf of the Yancoal Australia Board and, as determined by the relevant Charter:

  • refer matters to the Yancoal Australia Board for a decision, with a recommendation from the Committee; or
  • determine matters (where the Committee acts with delegated authority), which the Committee then reports to the Yancoal Australia Board.

Other committees may be established by the Yancoal Australia Board as and when required.

Membership of the Board Committees will be based on the needs of Yancoal Australia and the Merged Group, relevant regulatory requirements, and the skills and experience of individual Yancoal Australia Directors.