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Stratford Duralie

New South Wales’ Gloucester Basin is home to the Stratford Duralie operation, producing high fluidity semi-hard coking and thermal coals.

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Located within the New South Wales Gloucester Basin, the Stratford Duralie operation produces high fluidity semi-soft coking and thermal coals.

Stratford Duralie capitalised on improved mining conditions established in the first half of the year with significantly improved strip ratios following a redesign of the mine in late 2016, enabling sustained high extraction rates. Mining of the economically recoverable resources of the Clarevale pit were completed during the third quarter reporting period.

Stratford Duralie achieved total ROM coal production of 0.9Mt (2016 1.2Mt) and saleable coal production of 0.7Mt (2016 0.9Mt) for the reporting period.

The proposed Stratford extension project has the potential to extract up to 21.5 million tonnes of ROM coal over 11 years at a rate of up to 2.6 million tonnes per annum. Development of the project is subject to market conditions.

Stratford extension

As announced 1 June 2015, the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission approved the Stratford extension application.

The Stratford exploration program covers an area of approximately 690 hectares within the Gloucester Local Government Area.

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