Evaluation Of Board Performance

The Yancoal Australia Board will periodically undertake an evaluation of the performance of the Yancoal Australia Board and its Committees.

The evaluation will encompass a review of the structure and operation of the Yancoal Australia Board, the skills and characteristics required by the Yancoal Australia Board to maximise its effectiveness and whether the blending of skills, experience and expertise and the Yancoal Australia Board’s practices and procedures are appropriate for the present and future needs of Yancoal Australia.

On an annual basis, Directors will provide written feedback in relation to the performance of the Yancoal Australia Board against a set of agreed criteria. In addition, the CEO and the Chair of the Executive Committee (CEC) will also provide feedback from senior management in connection with any issues that may be relevant in the context of the Board performance review.

Feedback will be collected by the Chairman of the Yancoal Australia Board, or an external facilitator, and discussed by the Board, with consideration being given as to whether any steps should be taken to improve performance of the Board.