Yancoal’s Revenue and Operating EBITDA demonstrates its assets can withstand cyclical coal price weakness.

Revenue from continuing operations of $3.47 billion, down 22% from $4.46 billion in the year ended 31 December 2019 (“FY19”). The decrease reflects the 26% reduction in average realised coal price during 2020.

Operating EBITDA of $748 million down from $1.65 billion in FY19 due mainly to the reduced revenue. The Operating EBITDA Margin for the period was 21%.

Net Loss after Tax was -$1.04 billion, this incorporates the following one-off, non-cash items a $653 million gain on the Moolarben transaction and a $1,383 million accounting loss on reconsolidation of Watagan.

Net cash inflow from operating activities of $605 million and $637 million held in cash at the end of the year reconfirm Yancoal’s capacity to operate through periods of low coal prices.


Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (“TRIFR”) - At the end of FY20 TRIFR was 7.4 (12-month rolling average), compared to 7.4 at the end of FY19 and a comparable industry weighted average of 8.4.

Unit costs beat guidance – Yancoal reduced its cash operating costs (excluding government royalties) per production tonne to $59/tonne compared to $64/tonne in FY19.

Saleable Production guidance achieved — Attributable saleable coal production of 38.3Mt was up 8% from FY19.

Capital expenditure guidance achieved – Capital expenditure was $279 million (attributable) as Yancoal remained focused on controllable factors throughout the period.