Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct

The Yancoal Australia Board’s policy is that Yancoal Australia’s Directors, employees and contractors must observe both the letter and spirit of the law, and adhere to high standards of business conduct.

Yancoal Australia has a code of conduct and other guidelines and policies which set out legal and ethical standards for Yancoal Australia Directors and employees, including in relation to conflicts of interests and related party transactions.

The code of conduct and these other guidelines and policies guide the Yancoal Australia Directors, the CEO, senior management, and employees generally as to the practices necessary to maintain confidence in Yancoal Australia’s integrity and as to the responsibility and accountability of individuals for reporting, and investigating reports of, unethical practices.

The Code of Conduct and these other guidelines and policies also guide compliance with legal and other obligations to stakeholders.

Dealings in Yancoal Australia Securities

In addition, Yancoal Australia’s Share Trading Policy prohibits dealing in Yancoal Australia Securities or Yankuang Energy securities by Yancoal Australia Directors, senior executives and other employees, as well as their closely related parties, during specified blackout periods each year. General employees are permitted to deal in Yancoal Australia Securities outside these blackout periods, however additional approval requirements apply to Yancoal Australia Directors and senior executives.

The policy precludes executives from entering into any hedge or derivative transactions relating to unvested options or share rights granted to them under incentive plans and securities that are subject to holding locks or restrictions on dealing under such plans. Breaches of the policy are treated seriously and may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Eliminating sexual harassment for a safer Australian mining sector

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