Cunliang Lai

Experience and expertise

Cunliang Lai is a Non-Executive Director of Yancoal Australia Ltd.

Mr Lai joined Yanzhou’s predecessor in 1980. He was appointed as the Head of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine of Yanzhou in 2000. In 2005, he was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of Yanzhou.

Before the merger with Gloucester Coal Ltd, Mr Lai was an Executive Director of Yancoal and was appointed the Co-Vice Chairman and Chair of the Executive Committee in 2012. Mr Lai successfully completed the acquisition of the Austar Coal Mine and the establishment of an appropriate corporate governance structure for Yancoal. Mr Lai has also successfully applied the Longwall Top Coal Caving technology in Australia and has gained considerable experience in Australian coal business management.

Mr Lai was announced as having resigned from his role as Co-Vice Chair of Yancoal on 8 June 2018.

Mr Lai graduated from Nankai University and the Coal Science Research Institute. He is a researcher in engineering technology application with a Doctorate in Engineering and an EMBA degree.